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I'm a creative director, producer and picture editor, based in Toronto, Canada. I specialize in impactful integrative media and engaging storytelling. My clients include Shopify Media, Winkreative, Strategic Content Labs, College-Montrose Children's Place, Reader's Digest, Canadian Business, MoneySense, Maclean's, Toronto Life, MORE, FASHION, Dose and VICE.

The history and evolution of photography is a constant fascination and inspiration for me.  I collect antique photographs, teach Historic Photographic Processes, and am a speaker at the Photographic Historical Society of Canada. 



I direct and produce multimedia projects across Canada and the globe.
I cultivate a vast and growing roster of talented photographers, videographers, stylists at all levels of expertise. I bring over a decade of knowledge and experience in the industry, yet am nimble and adaptive with each new project.

As a photographer and a writer, I find unique and fascinating angles to engage with my subjects. I evoke richness and depth in my pieces to draw viewers and readers into my thread of curiosity and analysis.


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Photograph by Christopher Wahl

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