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Photograph by Naomi Harris



I create impactful integrative media and engaging, relatable narratives. My clients include Loblaw Agency, Shopify Media, Winkreative, Rogers Media, Bookmark Content, St. Joseph Media, Broadview, Reader's Digest, Toronto Life, Canadian Business, Maclean's, MoneySense, FASHION, and VICE Media.

The history and evolution of photography is a constant fascination and inspiration for me.  I collect antique photographs, teach Historic Photographic Processes, and am a speaker at the Photographic Historical Society of Canada. 



I direct and produce integrated editorial and marketing projects across the globe. 

I'm connected with a vast roster professional creatives including BIPOC representatives and diverse genres. I bring over a decade of skill to the industry, yet am nimble and adaptive with each new project.

I find uniquely fascinating angles to connect with subjects. I evoke richness and depth in my work to draw audiences into a realm of curiosity and analysis. 

I hold a BA Specialized Honours: The Psychology of Creativity.


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